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Stimulation and education is important, however at this age we place more emphasis on your child’s emotional well-being.

Academic curriculum: Love and Learn philosophy

Stimulation and education is important, however at this age we place more emphasis on your child’s emotional well-being.

A happy child is a receptive child.

Bambini has developed an academic curriculum that stimulates, encourages and educates your child. Your child is evaluated and stimulated and encouraged through play. This builds confidence and allows each child to develop at their own pace.

We have a daily programme that involves arts and crafts, singing, music, movement, outdoor play and fine and gross motor skill development.

The programme is adapted as your child develops and grows. In the 3 years your child spends with us we will encourage them to reach their first mile stones, teach them how to hold a crayon and eventually climb on the jungle gym.

The school is built to encourage learning. We have incorporated shapes, colour, patterns and counting games into our architecture.


the children sing, play instruments and dance on a daily basis in class and at the piano.


there is an abundance of books in the school. The children are encouraged to listen, page, identify and name characters and objects in their books on their own in a group or with the assistance of the teacher.


we have a large lawn, a sandpit, a jungle gym and a bike track. We have ride-on bikes and cars, balls, hula-hoops and all kinds of fun toys. In summer the water play is very popular.


the children complete an art project over a period 2 weeks. They are assisted by their teacher to draw, colour and paint.

puzzles & building blocks

as soon as a little one is able they are exposed to puzzle building. Simple two piece puzzles, wooden puzzles. Blocks are fun. The children are encouraged to build towers and structures, starting with a simple 2 block towers to bigger more complex structures.

sensory garden

we learn and interpret the world through our senses. In our sensory garden the children are exposed to the sounds, smells, feel, tastes and sights of nature.

animals & plants

our children are taught from a young age to love and respect animals. We have chickens, a dove coot and we feed the wild birds. Our gardens are for our little ones to enjoy and learn from.

These are only the most basic playtime and learning activities we offer. For more insight please feel to contact us for an appointment.

Additional Activities

We do our utmost to ensure the safety of your child. Our parking area is enclosed and the access is controlled from the front desk. Parents are issued with an entry and exit code. All other visitors are requested to ring the intercom button to be granted access.

The property is surrounded by an electric fence and the entrance, classes, playground and therefore the children, are not visible from the road.

No person, other the parents or a person nominated by the parents e.g. au-pair or grandparent, may fetch a child unless the office has been notified. The child will not be allowed to leave the premises until the parents have been reached to confirm permission.

We pride ourselves on the quality and quantity of our supervision. At no time will your child be unsupervised.

Classrooms and terrain are under 24 hours camera surveillance.

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